Friday, March 16, 2012


It seems like I am always busy, but feels like nothing ever gets accomplished.  I have set my stitching aside for a few weeks to pursue beading.  I've beaded a few small project before, but I am currently working on a braclet that seems to be taking forever to get anything done on, but I guess that is okay since I am teaching myself as I go.  It seems I never start any new project or hobby the easy way I always dive in head first so, it's either sink or swim.  I will try to upload some progress pictures later, I can't find the battery charger cord for my camera and it's just a pain to get pictures from my phone to the computer.  I guess ultimately I am just too lazy to do it. 

I have stitched some since my last post a couple of weeks ago. I worked mainly on the nutcracker stocking for all of Feb and a couple of days in March.  I will post my official updates for everything once I find my cord or buy a new one. 

In other areas my youngest son is a very sick little man right now.  He has been running a fever and has a horrible cough.  I have been debating all evening on wether or not to take him to the emergency room.  Since he is finally sleeping and not coughing I think I will take him to an urgent care clinic in the morning. 

Happy St. Patrick's day to everyone.  Have a wonderful stitch filled weekend.


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