Thursday, December 1, 2011

So I have decided..

That is time to lose some weight. I am so tired of being fat and always tired. So, starting today I am cutting out sweets and only allowing myself one soda a week. I guess I will cut back on my sweet tea at work too since it has so much sugar in it.

On to stitchy news. I went through all of my stitchy stuff yesterday and started compiling my list for the diffent activities I have joined for next year. I didn't have as many ufo's lurking around as I thought. I am having a really hard time deciding on which ones I really want to concentrate on for the year. I know for sure that the two christmas stockings I am working on will be on the list for the wipocalpyse, and lands end and ink circles quaker floral puzzle will be on my ufo challenge list. I have a few others I would like to work on through out the year but have not quiet figured out which ones it will be yet. My choices are Witches Wheel, Luna Landra, Teddy Bear Tree, and quaker christmas bellpull.

I pulled out Land's End and worked on that for a bit last night. I had this about half to 3/4 of the way finished when I stuck it back.

I will be back in a few days with my final plan of attack for the wipocalpyse and ufo challenges. I will also post links to these on a different post when I have more time.

Until next time

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