Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Well it looks like my stitchy groove is finally starting to come back. I actually spent about 2 hours stitching tonight before going to bed. I am alternating between a Haed and an ink circles design right now. I have never been one to actually plan what I am stitching on throughout the year, but I think I may try planning a little and working out some type of rotation system. At the moment I am stitching on whatever suits my mood but sometimes I end up spending more time trying to decide on something than stitching. I definitely have to figure out a better storage system for my thread than what I have going right now. That is my project for after while.

Well I need to crawl in bed for the night. Until next time happy stitching and thanks for stopping by.


lesli said...

I can completely relate to losing your stitchy groove! Mine has been wishy washy the past few weeks. But I'm getting myself excited for the new year and the plans I have to start a few new pieces (starting new always gets me excited!)

How are you storing your thread now?

Can't wait to see pictures on your progress for your HAED and ink circles. I have some grand plans for a few HAED pieces next year!


stitcher mom said...

Lesli, I was using small plastic boxes but my childreb kept taking them for their hotwheels when they were younger. Then I went to the floss bags but they are hard to put up anywhere so now I am going to try the Annes keepers system.