Monday, January 2, 2012

What a start to the new year

Let me warn you this may get long and boring, I have a lot on my mind today. Well, let me just say, I hope that yesterday is not a sign of how the year is going to go. Last night was what one could call explosive. I work as a shift manager in a local fast food restuarant, and we had a rather nasty electrical fire in a fryer that started a grease fire in said fryer. In the end the fire department was called out and our store is closed at least for the day. As of right now, no official word on re-open except that the big man plans on being able to re-open in the morning. But, we still are waiting word from the health inspector. I know that I did everything I knew to do at the time not knowing it was electrical, but I feel as though I shoud have or at least could have done something different. Thankfully there were no customers in the building when it got so bad, and all employees made it out just fine. I just wish they would make the decision to go ahead with our remodel now instead of waiting another couple of months until the scheduled date. To top that off my mother called me this morning with the news that the woman my grandfather had been dating off on and on for the past 15 years passed away in her sleep lastnight. My condolences go out to her family. I really have no stitchy news at the moment. I did stitch for a couple of hours on my stocking yesterday before I went to work, but have not even picked it up yet today. There was also a bit of good news on Friday, we did find out that insurance approved for my oldest son to stay in the treatment facility he is in until his court date later in the month. Which buys me more time of trying to figure out how to arrange everything I need to for him to be released and buys my youngest son more time to come to terms with what happened and maybe get to a point where he is comfortable being in the same house as his brother again. I need some good stitch therapy, but I am too restless to sit still and too tired to concentrate to stitch. I hope everyone has had a safe and happy holiday season. Until next time happy stitching Amanda


Lisa M said...

wow talk about a New Years Day to remember! Don't worry about having 'not done the right thing' it sounds like everybody was safe and sound which is the main thing. No one knows how they will do in a crises it sounds like you coped rather well.

I also had a crappy New Years Day and am envious of those who managed to 'start as they mean to go on' with a day of stitching etc.

sharine said...

Best wishes to you and your family.

Joysze said...

So glad to hear that no one was hurt in the fire. Hope everything works out with your oldest son.

Amanda "Stitcher Mom" said...

Thank you all for your concern and your comments. The store was able to be re-opened after one day of cleaning. Will post more later in the weekend.