Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quick update

Ex-fil has been sent home for his remaining days. It is just a matter of days now. I really appreciate all the prayers that were sent our way the past several hours. Yesterday was court day for my oldest. I have extreme mixed emotions on the outcome. The charges were much more severe than we had anticipated. The judge did order him into another treatment facility for as long as it takes. We do not lnow at this time where that will be. At least he is where he will get help and his younger brother and I are both safe. But... It has been harder to handle than I thought it would be. So, no it is going to be a time of more healing...hopefully. Thank you all for all of your support. Amanda


gracie said...

Sorry that you have so much to deal with. Keeping you in my thoughts.....sending {{hugs}}

Joysze said...

I hope you ex fil passes peacefully. Glad your oldest will get the help he needs and most importantly, that and and you youngest are safe and sound.